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You know your marketing plan, but you’re not sure how to ask for what you want?

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Need a marketing interpreter? In order to get exactly what you want, you need to know exactly what you’re asking for. We will listen to what you want then support and work with you to come up with a plan that will engage customers and then translate this to the experts. From working with charities,

FREE Marketing Analytics Template

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For marketing with OOMPH & maximum engagement keep an eye on what's working. Use our Analytics Template to find out: How are people engaging with you? Which tweets were most effective, Is anyone watching your videos? Any trends? Identify what works & do more of it. Find out what can be better.

“Who are you on Twitter?” Why business cards are dead! Try a fresh approach.

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I've just returned from a fantastic event with my Mental health business, connected with over 60 people, got social with them, talked businesses and growth and had fruitful conversations... not one business card swapped between us. In a digital world where I consider myself innovative, entrepreneurial and spirited I'm ashamed to say, I NEARLY ordered some

The Learner Journey & Meeting Expectations

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Know what you’re delivering and the importance of the Learner Journey. I was part of a Twitter chat last week and we were discussing the role of L&D and the question was posed: “what would happen if we stopped?”. Now, being someone of extremes in some ways (I’m the lady in pink trousers amongst a