Maybe you saw it in an online article. Maybe the word was bandied around in an agency meeting. But there’s no doubt in our minds that you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ being used. It’s a common phrase in the marketing world now. And that’s because content marketing is now at the heart of all modern marketing strategies.

Content is now being recognised as an essential part of any marketing campaign. Introducing it to your strategy shouldn’t appear to be a new challenge or strain on your business. Instead, many businesses are turning to content marketing because of its simplicity, affordability and effectiveness.

Here’s our 3 top reasons why you should use content marketing as your next big marketing strategy:

More on site content will keep visitors on your website.

A content marketing strategy means you are introducing more content to your website for visitors to see. Website visitors will spend more time on your website if you have well-written and engaging content. Plus, if your content includes an effective call-to-action, you can be guaranteed to convert that interest into a business prospect.

Your website will be more visible on search engines.

Search engines like Google and Bing value websites that regularly update their content. Adding a new blog article to your website every week will show that you pay attention to your website. Also, adding new content frequently makes it possible to target more keywords and earn more search engine traffic. This Moz article talks about what content marketing is and the important role it plays in SEO.

You’ll get better results from your social media pages.

Facebook and Twitter channels that link to content have more traction than accounts that just post about their products. Including links to your blog gives your social media purpose and creates a call-to-action that drives traffic to your website. It also gives your social media followers the chance to learn more about your brand than what they see on their feeds.

These top 3 benefits of content marketing are reason enough for you to start thinking about blog articles and updated on-page content. If you’d like help taking the first step, get in touch with our team for further advice and support.