We’re Smashing… there we’ve said it!

No Fluffy Stuff.

We share the same values and beliefs, we treat people well, say it as it is and promise to inspire you.

Stitch Dig Deep - Think Big

Think Big

Whether it’s projects for clients, our own plans or our impact on the world. We’re thinking big and bigger than just us, it’s about everything we do and thinking about ideas, plans and passion on a big scale.

Stitch Dig Deep - Partnership

Working in Partnership

Clients have the best experience when they know what’s going on and feel part of our STITCH team as well as us being part of theirs! It’s important to work together to fulfil those goals and objectives.

Stitch Dig Deep - Energy

Give Energy

We love what we do and that shows through our enthusiasm and positivity, language and love for life. We aim to be the team who lift you up and you love to work with.

Stitch Dig Deep - Communication

Clear Communications

Clear, honest & open communication! We are straight-talking & honest. We stay what we think with decorum & care; it’s the only way to make a difference and turn good to great.

Meet The Stitch Team

We’re a driven, passionate bunch with a love for making a positive impact.

Kate Director
Courageous, straight talking, full of enthusiasm and creative. Kate is STITCH’s MD and leads the research and marketing projects we do.
Sam Director
Detailed, analytical, amazing with data and an ideas man when he’s set free
from surveys!

EmilyProject Queen
Passionate, big picture marketer with a fine eye for detail and linking plans
together to make a positive impact.
LyndaSocial Media
Lynda runs Pepper Social, our Social Media partners. Lynda is considered, creative and compelling in creating social media strategies and content for our clients.

Who we work with

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