Apprenticeships marketing – Attracting, engaging and retaining learners is no mean feat. In this competitive landscape of flexible options for 16-24 year olds all mater of training providers, colleges and employers are looking to position themselves as offering something special and different to learners and their parents/families.


So how do you go about marketing your apprenticeship programme to potential learners?

  1. Understand the landscape – who is doing what? What are your competitors offering and how are they positioning themselves? Do you research and make notes. This blog on research may be useful.
  2. Can you be niche? Don’t try and be all things to all people – can you push a specific apprenticeship programme and really target it at a group of potential learners?
  3. Be different – whether this is what you’re offering, your brand or how you deliver the learner experience, what can make you stand out?
  4. Be consistent, creative and persistent – learners don’t come knocking just because they receive one email or see a social media post. You need to have multiple channels of engagement happening across consistent themes.
  5. Know your products and programmes – use these in your marketing, these are ‘marketing assets’ that help learners to understand what life is like on a programme with you – show it off. Video, blog content, social media posts – show what life is like in your setting
  6. Know your target market – profile them, what are the interested in, what’s relevant right now in their world, what do they value? Use this insight and pull it through into your marketing activity.

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