“Behold, here is my brand!” Every business wants to be able to shout that out and turn heads. It’s natural to thrive on attention, especially when you are positioning you’re a small company positioning your brand on a competitive market.

 If only it was that easy to bring your brand to the masses.

 Maybe you’ve tried a touch of social media with some fun posts about your products. Or perhaps your heart was set on that email campaign to draw in regular custom from existing partners. Hell, you could have launched a brand-new site hoping it will draw attention online.

 Has any of it worked though? Probably not, and here’s why.

 Bringing your brand to the masses isn’t about using just one marketing ploy. It’s about strategically putting your brand forward using a wide range of channels in a multilateral way. It’s also about knowing your market.

 At the heart of our strategy should be your information. Information about your business, your services and about your market. Using that information, you can then create a distinct marketing strategy using channels such as your website, social media and email marketing to direct how your brand is perceived. 

 For instance, if you sell gardening tools, you want your website to have a wealth of information both about your products and gardening in general. This could be product data, company videos, a gardening blog, and even case studies.

 You also want your content to be derived from market research – from competitor and product research, to the latest marketing trends on garden products.

 You can then market that content via your Twitter and Facebook pages, plus send out regular newsletters to your customers about the latest developments. Now you’re promoting your products and services, but at the heart of your marketing is information.

 Nothing we’re telling you here is hush hush. This is basic branding knowledge. What you need is an agency that has the know-how to build an effective campaign that can build a strategy around information, one that will bring your brand to the masses. You need an agency that will put in the hard work and time to achieve your successes for you.

 An agency just like us. 

 Why not give us a call today and tell us about your brand? STITCH will get people talking.