The challenge at Exemplas was to increase the conversion of learner leads into programme starts. When we were first approached by Exemplas the conversion percentage was only at 50%.

Exemplas also wanted us to increase learner retention across a number of courses including Barbering, Motor Vehicle, Hairdressing, and Business Admin. In particular, they wanted us to look at the learner / assessor relationship, as they felt that something wasn’t right.


To tackle this, STITCH introduced a Learner Journey innovation process which gave us better insight into how learners really experienced their programmes. Our research included real-time learner filming, focus groups, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and email surveys.

Getting to know the learners and their experiences generated more trust from them, and in return we could implement relevant ideas based on addressing the challenges learners were facing.


As a result of our approach, STITCH was able to generate 84 new ideas, 22 of which were implemented by Exemplas. Lead conversion also increased to 85%.

The recruitment team was restructured to support learner acquisition and retention, while new marketing and engagement approaches were initiated. These new marketing initiatives provided a much clearer learner journey which made for a more confident programme ‘sell’.

There were also changes made to the Assessor remit, with new responsibilities and expectations laid out for assessors.

This all resulted in positive feedback from learners and an increase in retention across all programmes