Interserve needed to attract over 5000 new learners onto their existing apprenticeship schemes by December 2015. To do this, they were looking out at creating a high energy and engaging learner attraction campaign to roll out across 5 regions.

The challenge faced by Interserve was they had an inexperienced marketing team, and there was no processes of accountability in place between marketing and operations.


STITCH approached Interserve with 3 learner campaign solutions spanning a range of budgets and time commitments. This includes concept, strapline, design and implementation recommendation. Eventually Interserve chose our #EPICFaceFit campaign.

From there we created the learner and attraction engagement plan, while also mentoring the marketing team. This gave STITCH the chance to establish processes between marketing and operations for learners and employers.


As a result of our work with Interserve, there was a record number of apprenticeship vacancy applications. There was also very positive feedback received from all corners, including the learners, employers and operations.

The reaction to the campaign from learners was very positive with lead conversion within 5 days of the campaign launch, and in response to this there are now retention processes in place.