5 Must Haves When You Create A Marketing Strategy

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Every business should create a marketing strategy, no matter how small or big they are. After all, having a marketing strategy in place will help you understand your customers and it will ensure that everything you do has a result. We’ve seen far too many businesses ‘winging it’ and complaining when they don’t see the

Bringing your brand to the masses

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“Behold, here is my brand!” Every business wants to be able to shout that out and turn heads. It’s natural to thrive on attention, especially when you are positioning you’re a small company positioning your brand on a competitive market.  If only it was that easy to bring your brand to the masses.  Maybe you’ve

When you think of Marketing, what is it?

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I find myself being asked more and more, why do you say you do marketing, when we haven't done anything in social media yet? It continually reminds me the scope and variability that marketing has. See in my experience, there are two types of marketeers - those who think big first, and those who lean

Exciting new Public Sector Planning Project – Insight Ideas Impact

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  Thrilled to announce we're working with South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse Councils Planning Team on helping them to better understand their customers, deliver an outstanding customer experience and identify commercial opportunities for the future. We're working on Insight + Ideas = Impact researching with various customer groups, running idea generation and innovation


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MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH & ENGAGEMENT FOR NHS CCGS Supporting your CAMHS Transformation Kate Carney, Director of STITCH Ltd a Research and Marketing agency in Crewe, Cheshire knows that engagement is vital when you’re re-shaping and re-designing services. You need to understand what the audiences think, feel, know, say and do before you can really design

Want to improve your marketing?

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Let's smash 2017 with effective marketing. STITCH are here every step of the way. At STITCH we've created a programme of marketing consultancy support via a combination of online, email, phone and Skype with our MD, Kate Carney. Our flexible programme enables you, or someone in your organisation to develop a strategy, brand, utilise different marketing

Strategic Marketing in Mental Health

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Do you have several mental health providers across your region? Do they all have their own website, app or marketing approach? We work with CCG's, Trusts and Public Health to help them strategically review the marketing and communications of their mental health offering. We explore how all the providers work together, key messages and which

Exciting 2017 ahead

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Wishing everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year from STITCH,  a research and marketing agency in Crewe, Cheshire. We have an exciting 2017 ahead we're kicking off with: Customer Journey mapping training for a large housing association Marketing strategy & audit sessions with some new clients Marketing training for SME and start