Understanding the Learner Journey

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This week, we are taking a look at the learner journey and how, by you understanding it, it can have a massive benefit to education providers including schools, colleges and universities. First of all, what is the learner journey? The learner journey is every experience and process that a learner goes through during their experience

CASE STUDIES: East Kent College Group

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CLIENT: East Kent College Group INDUSTRY: Education CHALLENGE: East Kent College Group play a leading role in developing the economic & social prosperity in their local communities through further and higher education opportunities. The college approached us to help them understand their student experience, and how it aligned with their brand. They wanted a better

A Customer Journey with Bite (Cheesy Pun Intended)

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You should be aiming to make your customer journey as simple, easy and effective as possible. A positive journey can result in customers returning to buy your products and services, and they may even share their experience with friends and family too. Think about the last time you ordered online, for instance. How was that

Customers Feel Valued When You Treat Them Well!

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Every business in the world owes its customers respect. Making your customers feel valued should be high in your priorities. After all, if your customers don’t feel wanted or respected, they won’t come back. Valued customers are your bread and butter. They are the individuals – yes, treat them as such – that will talk

5 Reasons Market Research Should Power Your Business!

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Don’t rely on just your industry knowledge and expertise to run your business. ‘Guesstimates’ aren’t measurable, and they don’t help your business in the long-term. The only way to truly forecast your marketing potential is through market research. It may sound like a lot of work but in the long-term market research will benefit your

Marketing Strategy Mistakes To Avoid!

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Getting your marketing strategy right is crucial to reaching potential customers. It should be both focused and targeted toward your key audiences. It may sound simple but we have come across many new businesses that make the same regular mistakes when starting out. And when you make marketing strategy mistakes, they can have a disastrous

3 Simple Market Research Tasks Anyone Can Do!

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Do you know what your customers actually think about your company? Are you really listening to what they have to say? You’ve probably just said yes. The reality is you probably don’t. Not enough businesses take the time to carry out market research, which is as essential to your business as selling products or delivering