If you own your own business / are responsible for marketing then this is for you…

If you’re sat here wondering wtf to do when it comes to ‘marketing’ and what to post on social media, you’re not alone. Every day (well, most days!) I speak to business owners about they’re marketing challenges. They say things like what do I need to do to get more customers? What if I write something ‘wrong’ online and someone sees? How do I know what to do?

So here’s my (Kate’s) 10p worth of advice from 13 years working in marketing (and having a degree in it to) and, as you always should, we’re starting with the importance of research and knowing your customers.

Know your market.

The more you know about your competitors, what they’re selling, how they’re positioning themselves and their plans, you can use this to your advantage. Help to make yourself different and memorable (I’ll come on to this in a later blog).

Simple tips:

Do some googling (other search engines are available!) – look on your competitors websites, social media feeds and at their engagements with customers –  what are they offering, how do they talk about themselves and how does it ‘feel’ to engage with them? Have a look, save web links, make notes, you’ll need them later!

Sneak a peak – if you’re a retailer, go and look at what the competitors are doing – I remember working at Dixons from when I was 15 and having to walk around the retail park at the start of every shift to see what Comet and Powerhouse (remember them?) were offering. If you’re a service provider, mystery shop, do some competitor research, sign up to mailing lists even buy their products and see how they do what they do…. And keep those notes.

Instant feedback – get people engaging with you as soon as possible, see what they buy, what they ‘like’ and respond to. Whether it’s a splash landing page online, new image, PDF leaflet, social media offer, a pop-up shop or all of the above. Use them to see what potential customers are responding to – comments, open rates, click through rates, social media comments, google analytics, purchases etc.

We believe in blended research, looking at your product / challenge from several perspectives – focus groups, surveys, observation, mystery shopping, interviews and more. So have a think about how you are keeping your fingers on the pulse of your customers, the market and your competitors.

If you need any help, you know where we are… 🙂

Thanks and good luck, Kate & STITCH