Marketing creates the imagery, the adverts and the ‘look’ of your College. Admissions and recruitment interview and onboard learners and then, that’s in, they’re in.

Over a few weeks, the hype of day 1 and the start of term has died down and learners and staff are settling into normal College life.

Then, you start to hear rumours of learners being disengaged, see stats associated with learners dropping out. But Why? And what can you do to address it?

We know to expect some churn, you’re never going to retain all of your learners, for all of the time. But when you ask yourself why have you considered your Brand Promise (BP)?

Your Brand Promise is the promise you make to your learners. 
It’s made up of images, text, icons, sounds, staff attitudes, your processes and adds up to create the experience your learners have been promised they will have – what you’ve said will happen and how the learner will feel.

The Brand Promise is different from the Learner Experience.

The Learner Experience is what really happens, in reality – the stages the learners go through and how it feels at each stage.

“The Brand Promise is about creating an emotional connection with the learner, beyond the course programme and beyond the qualifications.”

The most powerful thing for learners and the College is when the Brand Promise and the Learner Experience align – this is where true authenticity in your marketing and learner experience comes from and supports learner attraction, engagement and retention.

When did you last check-in to see how you’re real Learner Experience is aligned to the Brand Promise you are making?  Exploring the relationship between these two areas unveils powerful insight and gives you a unique look into life for learners at your College. You can then use this insight to inform change.

At STITCH this is what we do. We work on with colleges creating insight through research to help them understand their real Learner Experience and a Marketing Audit to understand the brand promise. Then we pull this insight together to generate ideas and areas for improvement across the whole College.

Kate is looking forward to speaking at the Association of Colleges leadership event in London in October on exactly this subject!

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

See you there.