From focus groups to friendships, how digging deep and sharing has opened up opportunities for those in need.

During our most recent focus group we got something a bit special from it. It contributed to a heartfelt exchange of glances between the STITCH team as we witnessed a random act of kindness between our participants.

A carer and mental health support advocate issued her e-mail address to other members of our research group. The group, who were strangers before the session began, left as friends and are now regularly supporting each other through their own or loved one’s mental health journey.

Following her own journey with a family member’s mental health, our kind carer knew the hardships a carer experiences and spotted a fellow carer and mental health sufferer in need of support. After starting her own mental health support group in East Cheshire 18months ago the lady has gone on to support many others in the same position she was in when she became a carer for her husband who was diagnosed with Dementia a couple of years ago.

It is these situations that gives that warm feeling, a faith in humanity restored and a view of how communities are supporting each other with the challenges they face around mental health.

We love focus groups because they really enable participants to open up and share their real-life, heart felt stories. These powerful stories are then captured and used to generate ideas for improvements and transformations across services, products and customer journeys.

If you’d like us to Dig Deep and run a research programme for you, whether it’s focus groups, interviews or surveys, please get in touch.

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