A Cheshire Community Interest Company is working with a national research and marketing agency to boost its exposure, improve it’s marketing and help it to support more families.

Macclesfield-based EDGE Inclusion is working with STITCH, a research and marketing agency in an effort to increase awareness of the great work they do, which supports parents, carers and families across Cheshire with free independent support with education, health and care assessments, processes and planning.

Kate Carney, Managing Director at STITCH, said: “Local support providers and charities are not always trained in marketing and communications, which can mean that service users struggle to find them, resulting in a lower uptake. This is where we come in.”

Sarah Rawsthawn, Direct of EDGE Inclusion says “We’re chuffed to be working with STITCH, through all their work with the NHS and other charities, we know they are familiar with the space we work in and can support us with both strategy and tactics”.

For more information on how STITCH can help with your research & marketing visit www.stitchdigdeep.co.uk or contact Kate Carney kate@stitchdigdeep.co.uk