With an abundance of self-help marketing tips out there and a general understanding that the world is going digital, at times there seems to be a notion that all marketing is, is Twitter or Facebook.

It isn’t and this is important.

Whilst it is true that marketing is happening online more than ever before and whilst it is true that your customers will turn to online mediums to check out your business, learn about you and form an opinion on who you are and whether they want to buy from you, or work with you…it’s not as simple as writing a few tweets or posting few Facebook status’.

Marketing is analytical, active & proactive. It is also variable and now it is online your strategy needs more consideration than ever before because not only are you dealing with an abundance of online platforms it’s vital that you don’t neglect those traditional methods that can have brilliant impact or waste your time with social media platforms that won’t bring in any real value.

In my opinion it is to your peril if you do not use social media to share your message. If I find a business without a website, or without social media – I’m out. I’m left nervous of the credibility. In my opinion it is undoubtedly worth taking the time to cover all bases. We live in a fast-paced society where your customers use a multitude of platforms where they might want to see your message and if it isn’t out there, they’re not going to give themselves a hard time looking for you, they will simply look at your competitors who have made it easy for them.

What I am saying is this – cover all bases, but more importantly do your research, so that you use your time for maximum effect.

Here are some social media & marketing tips for 2016.

  1. Find out where your customers digital hangouts are. As a marketer, I could provide you with a blanket statement of who’s doing what where and how this or that social media platform might be used, but until proper research has been carried out this is all based on assumptions and sometimes that’s going to hit the nail on the head, but other times it won’t – it’s risky. Your research needs to be bespoke.

For example, I use many of the social platforms: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Periscope.

I login to Twitter and Facebook every single day. I rarely conduct my business on Facebook. I save this for Twitter and Linkedin. I login to Linked in, perhaps every other day. In this example, it could be easy to assume that Facebook is a good place to go to get my engagement because I am there daily, probably multiple times a day, but for me, Facebook is a social platform – a place for friends and family. When I am on Facebook I am not trying to engage with business.

  1. Be an active person online. Just because things are digital these days it doesn’t mean that your customers want to see a bunch of scheduled posts – tell a joke, share something normal, retweet each other, show an interest, communicate – be a person and have a character. Your customers want to trust YOU, the person. They want a conversation, a laugh a memorable experience.
  2. Think about whether MEETING the customer might be beneficial. You might need to get out in the field. An older audience may not be online. It could be that your younger audiences are online, but they’re not proactive and digital marketing depends on the person your engaging with being proactive to communicate with you. They have to reply, retweet or initiate an e-mail…they have to call you…they might not do this because they just don’t want to. It depends on who you’re dealing with and it’s your responsibility to find out how your audience best engages.
  3. Speak to your target audience. Ask questions…“what do you think?”, “How could our services be improved?”, “Are you happy with…?”, “How would you like us to communicate with you?” or “What would you like from us?” Etc. etc.
  4. Finally, walk your customer journey yourself and this isn’t always easy, because once you’re heavily involved in something it can be hard to step out; that’s why we provide our clients with journey mapping. You will need to step into your customers’ shoes and go through with a fine-tooth comb. We’re currently doing this for our latest project, YouinMind and we are making improvements every day in preparation for launch. We know what makes our life easier and we want everyone else to have an easy and positive experience. Walk the journey and ask yourself “Would I be happy with this level of engagement?” What would I like to see?” “Is everything working as it should?”

Good marketing depends on in depth and bespoke research. Enjoy it, learn about your customers and watch those analytics. Are people responding, is it working?

If this is daunting, get in touch. We offer training and mentoring to help internal teams undertake bespoke, kick-ass marketing that will help you to engage your audience!

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