Do you often think about your customers and their needs? Is it a major part of how you run your business? You may think so, but it is in our experience that many businesses are out of touch with their customer base. And that’s a shame, because having a positive customer experience could help your business grow bigger and better.

Putting your customers first is essential to running your business. If you’re not doing that, it’s time to shut shop before your customers scarper and force you to shut. Harsh as that sounds, too many businesses get complacent and forget about investing in a positive customer experience.

So, what can you do to keep your customers happy and your business afloat?

Introduce a loyalty scheme

Make your customers feel appreciated. Reward them through a loyalty scheme so that they want to come back. Giving value to their custom will boost their love for your brand and ensure that they continue spending money with you. Think about the Subcard at Subway or your cheeky Nando’s Card – they keep their customers interested and engaged with their products by offering some free back once in a while.

Listen to your customers

Once in a while it may be useful to run a survey or to offer a feedback card. Give your customers a chance to share their thoughts about your products and services. Customers want you to know if you’re doing everything right because it benefits them. And even better, why not link your feedback card to a freebie the next time they use your service? That way, your customers know you have their best interests at heart.

Go that extra mile

A positive customer experience isn’t just about doing what they expect; it’s about going above and beyond their expectations. Once in a while surprise your customers with a discount or a freebie – something with a ‘wow’ factor. They’ll never forget that gesture and will be sure to share that great customer experience with friends (hey, referrals, free marketing!).

Think you’re ready to deliver that positive customer experience? Give it a go and let our team know if you need any help!