Let’s Unearth Some Golden Nuggets of Insight

Losing learners?
Lack of engagement?

How does your brand promise match up to what you deliver? Let’s find out…

Whether it’s the real customer experience, the thoughts, feelings and experiences of your learners or getting to know what your employees really see from Day 1, our approach to blended research digs deep.

We immerse ourselves in your challenge and create a bespoke research plan to deliver what you need. We film, we interview, survey, run focus groups, observe and mystery shop – it’s brave, exciting and can take you on a journey of discovery. Then we take our insight and turn it into solid, tangible recommendations.

Big, endless spreadsheets, 1000s of pages of data and insight without the human side, isn’t our thing. Personal insight, real life examples and heart felt customer stories create passion, drive and make change happen and when paired with some big picture data turn research insight into powerful impact.


Stitch Dig Deep - Education marketing Insights

Market Research

We design and deliver research projects to fit your need, unearth your stories and find unique insight.

We’ve been nosying into the world of education, healthcare, recruitment, travel & tourism, charities and more for donkey’s years. We’re used to digging deep, asking probing questions, facilitating big conversations and looking for themes, trends, anomalies and juicy insight.

Mini Audit

Losing learners? Lack of engagement? Let’s see why. This 4 day audit gives us the opportunity to take a sneak peak into your world, evaluate your learner processes and do some initial staff engagement. From this time speaking to staff and observing/few pieces of student engagement on site, we get a feel for like at your College or institution and can share our experiences of elsewhere. This flexible, short term commitment often helps clients to see the hot topic areas to investigate further in a 3-6 week project and gives them an outsiders view into their world.

£2400 + VAT

Learner Journey

Here we see how your brand promise delivers in reality. Blended research with learners and staff digs deep to show you what happens in reality and how students and staff feel. From this project you’ll get insight into your learner journey, hot spots, weak spots and retention strategies.

This is typically a 3-6 weeks project which takes a close look at your learners experiences within a specific stage of their journey. This may include recruitment, Welcome days, inductions, day to day activities and one off events. We will work with you to create a schedule of research, evaluation and create recommendations to align learner experiences to your brand, vision and values.

Circa £6000 + VAT

Bespoke Projects

We can design and deliver a research project to achieve your objectives, from parent engagement to stakeholder workshops, talk to us about what you need and we’ll share with you what we think.

Customer Experience

Understanding what your customers, think, feel, know, say and do can be critical to shaping your offering and developing your brand positioning. We use a blend of research techniques to see what’s happening ‘on the ground’ and what customers want to see. From filming to focus groups, observations and asking questions we’ll design and deliver the right research plan to unearth the insight you need.

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