This week, we are taking a look at the learner journey and how, by you understanding it, it can have a massive benefit to education providers including schools, colleges and universities.

First of all, what is the learner journey?

The learner journey is every experience and process that a learner goes through during their experience with you. Most commonly it refers directly to their learning, experiences of learning on the curriculum, but in reality (and in our experience) it’s much more about all forms of engagement. It’s about what the student sees, hears, shares as well as what they learn. Even more so, it’s this: what are they really saying behind your back?

So why is it important to understand the learner journey?

Okay, millions (well not quite, but loads) of benefits, some you’ll see instantly, some will come out over time. Understanding the learner journey gives you as a provider insight into what life is really like on your programmes. You can see how aligned your operational delivery is to your brand promise – basically are staff delivering and is the student getting what your glossy brochure and filtered Instagram feed, shows?

  • you can identify areas of improvement for the learner;
  • students having an improved experience will more likely continue with you as their provider;
  • using the insight enables you to make changes which will increase retention numbers and your students will become brand advocates
  • you’re showing to students that you are interested and engaged with them, that you care what they think
  • as a result, you maximise recruitment and referral potential.

Not to mention that by understanding the learner journey, education providers are ultimately taking the step to understand the gaps between their own concept of the learner journey and the real learner journey that is experienced by their learners.

So, how do I do it?

This is what we are best at. A blended mix of qualitative and quantitative research will help you see the whole story. This insight needs to come from staff, brand ambassadors, students and stakeholders through interviews, observations, surveys and more. You need data and stats which evidence trends, combined with stories and quotes to hear the nitty gritty detail. Pull all of this together and you’ll see themes and use this insight to generate your ideas ready for impact!

What work have we done in the past?

For the East Kent College Group, we carried out a wide range of research to help assess and evaluate existing processes. This included student and staff workshops, and we also observed the first day of term.

By involving the students, we were able to identify areas of improvement, so the college group could align its brand with its learner journey. This meant updating the existing processes for increased student and staff engagement, including a platform for regular staff and student communications.

We work with education and apprenticeship providers across the country to help them improve their student engagement and make change happen! Contact our team today for more information.