I find myself being asked more and more, why do you say you do marketing, when we haven’t done anything in social media yet? It continually reminds me the scope and variability that marketing has.

See in my experience, there are two types of marketeers – those who think big first, and those who lean in and get up close. I’m a big thinker! Which means i’m a strategist, i think about messages, customer, purpose, vision, mission and challenges, before we choose which well thought about marketing channels we’ll use.

So, if you start working with a marketing consultant or agency, remember we aren’t all the same, not everyone thinks long term, some people just focus on the hashtag. We need those specialists, those people interested in the detail and skilled in those areas but only, once the strategy and big thinking has stared.

So don’t dive into social media, get strategic first otherwise there could be something importance you won’t only miss, you’d have never even thought of!!

High Fives