Collaboration is key according to Marketing Weekly.

We want to share how your values, employee & customer journey link together for business development, collaboration & how you can put smiles on the faces of your employees and customers!

“Rigid strategies that do not focus on the future, restructures that fail to overcome silos and staff who are not empowered are hindering businesses joining up to deliver differentiated customer experiences.” Marketing Weekly 

Employee Experience

We’ve discussed it before, and we’ll say it again – employee experience influences the customer experience.

If your employees are happy, inspired, well paid and they feel as though they’re a real part of the company they’re going to have a positive impact on the customer journey. They’re going to be authentic in what they’re saying about their love for their work, the values of the company and they’re going to bend over backwards to give your customers the experience they deserve.

“It’s simple, take care of your people and they will take care of your business,” explains Mark Gilmour, global brand director at Virgin.

And it is simple, but how can you get an insight to how happy your employees are? Know their experiences inside out.

Stages of the Learner Journey: The Promise The Stages Feelings & Experiences Actions & Consequences Org. Reaction & Management

Journey mapping is essential when it comes to tightening up your organisations collaboration and improving employee, customer of learner experience.

Taking an objective look at what’s going on, walking the journey to see what’s going great and what can be better. It’s about finding the gaps, or hurdles that your employees are hitting in the process and smoothing out the bumps, making their life easier & the job more rewarding and giving them that confidence boost in themselves, their team and the company on a whole.

When this is achieved employees talk to your customers with ease. They know what’s going on and how teams across the business relate and how each of the job roles are integrated for business development.

Want to see some more smiles? Increase your team’s collaborative working?

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